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There are many and varied healing processes used by people on the planet. Regardless of the process used it can have its place, application and benefit at the mental, emotional, and physical level, as we have to deal with all three of these while in the physical body. It is indisputable that the mental and emotional affect the physical expression and health of the body and the condition of the body can certainly affect our emotional and mental outlook on life.


I have asked High Self many times to run a comparative value check, accumulating all other healing modalities, with SRT. I assign SRT a value of 100% and the resulting value comparison if you used every other modality for a person is .000001. Remember that SRT addresses the cause of illnesses and difficulties in life and removes them so the body can bring about healing at the physical level.


Reiki, massage therapy, medical treatment, chiropractic and other modalities treat the physical body and are often vital and important in helping maintain health and vigor. However, they are not spiritual modalities and are limited in their scope and application. Physchology, psychiatry and other forms of counselling have value (although limited) at the mental and emotional level, but they are not spiritual in nature even if it has the title of spiritual counselling. Spiritual counselling is more often than not based on religious beliefs and may lack a real basis of spiritual understanding, High Self says these modalities treat the onion skin whereas SRT treats layer after layer of the onion down to and including the core causes of problems encountered at the mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual levels.


Most of the modalities mentioned only heal up to the level of Light Status on Chart 3. This is the same level that Jesus told me he healed to. The lower portion of the diagram on Chart 3 has to do with the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body only. Jesus said there was a greater work that could and would be accomplished and that is SRT.


Once in a great while I encounter someone who is treating people at a higher than the basic physical level. They have added some elements of spiritual work to their process of treatment. I have no intention of denigrating any forms of mental, emotional, or physical healing. Everything has its use and place in the expression of life. What is important is to 

keep SRT pure and SPIRIT based. Don’t mix other modalities with SRT and call them SRT.


I recently was told that a certified teacher of SRT was giving mandalas to people with the statement that mandalas are spiritual and can enhance SRT. Mandalas are not spiritual and cannot enhance SRT, regardless of the symbols involved. They can help a person centre mentally and emotionally and thus relax physically, but they are not spiritual. High Self says the level of consciousness of mandalas on Chart 3 is at Holy Spirit Status, which is in the centre range of the physical expression. So if you want to use them to help you relax - fine.


Another person gave someone crystals and stones. The crystal was to be used to enhance their connection to High Self and the stones were for healing. They got the stones correct. Stones can be used to enhance physical healing as can crystals. Each stone and crystal has its own vibrations and the physical body responds in a positive way to certain vibrations set up and magnified by crystals and stones. The colors of the various stones to be used is also important as each color has its own vibration. That is one of the purposes of the colors on Chart 7.


Crystal can not be used to enhance a person’s connection to High Self. They simply are not spiritual tools. Rather they are physical tools and have their value only at the physical body level. Things of the world are of the world. Keep them and use them in their correct context. Do not mix them into SRT. Keep SRT pure. Chart 7 has four books on crystals. I do not know what the four books are. I simply asked High Self if they wanted books on crystals on the chart and they said “Yes”. They made corrections and added them to the chart. Chart 7 is for physical healing only - not spiritual.


Every spiritual movement that SPIRIT has given to mankind has ended up contaminated by mankind and ended up as a mixture of spiritual truth and man’s beliefs, which is then called religion. SRT can only be kept pure and of the highest spiritual order by those who use it and practice it. Please help maintain the purity and integrity of SRT. Blessings!


Love and Light


Robert Detzler

SRT Founder