History on SRT

History of Spiritual Response Therapy In the fall of 1985, Dr Clark Cameron, a sociologist, and his wife Sharon introduced Robert E. Detzler, a Unity minister, to the psychological therapy method they called Response Therapy. Cameron had been experimenting with and using the pendulum and eight key phrases or areas to research and correct subconscious problem areas for clients. (The original eight phrases include Indentification through Past Lives listed on the left side of Chart 4A.) Cameron was introduced to the core idea behind this therapy by Davis Cheek and Leslie LeCron, who point out in their book, Clinical Hypnotherapy, that an ideomotor response is extremely valuable for locating hidden messages that cause problems in daily life. An ideomotor response is a physical signal such as a finger lift or eye movement made by the subconscious in response to a direct question, by passing the conscious mind. In Techniques of Hypnotherapy, LeCron specifically identifies the pendulum as a tool that may be used with ideomotor response, without hypnosis.


Seven of the eight key areas for Cameron's research were taken from Clinical Hypnotherapy. Stories of the healings and life changes resulting from Cameron's work interested Detzler and he scheduled himself for clearing work and invited the Camerons to do two mini-workshops at the church for further testing of the system for results and interest. Detzler persuaded the Camerons to teach a longer training course; Detzler gathered five other students and they each paid $2,500 for twelve Saturday classes spread over a six month period. In addition to introducing Response Therapy, the class included reading and reporting on a great many psychological and counseling books and discussing how the mind works.


Three months into the class, Detzler was using this method as his primary counseling in the Unity church with great results and appreciation by the clients (although several Board members were upset and disapproving). As the positive feedback and increased size of donations per counseling visit became apparent to the Board, Detzler continued to do this method of clearing. Before the class was finished, he had added the efficiency of charts to the method, thereby saving time and money for the client. He had also persuaded and demonstrated to the Camerons the necessity of clearing discarnates (earth-bound souls) and the importance of researching past lives with each and every client.


The second class given by the Camerons under the name of their Stress Research Institute of San Jose, California had eight or nine students including Mary Ann Detzler and Mary Marie Satterlee (also ministers of the Spiritual Response Association). Robert began adding the spiritual aspects to the method and five additional keys (listed on Chart 4A-Inheritance, Discarnates/Blocks & Interference, Past Lives/Other Dimensions, Future Lives, and Fear).


He built fan-shaped charts to speed up the work. He began writing about the system in a book. Your Mind Net, which was published in 1988 shortly after he taught his first class in this method in March of 1988. Later that book was revised and the name changed to The Freedom Path. His work and requests for classes increased until he resigned from the church in May of 1989 to devote himself full time to Spiritual Response Therapy (as he now called his expanded spiritual version of the clearing work).


By this time, he had about eighteen charts and a fledgling study group seeking incorporation recognition as a church in California.s. to In January of 1990, Robert Detzler moved to Washington state and was traveling to various areas of the U.S. to teach classes. He presented SRT to the West Coast Dowsers Conference in July of 1989 and 1990, and also to the National Dowsers Conference in Danville, Vermont in 1989. By September of 1991, he had taught about 500 students the basic principles of SRT. In May of 1991, the Spiritual Response Association was incorporated in Washington State and accepted by the IRS as a not-for profit religious-educational organization.


The California church was then dissolved. Robert and Mary Ann went to the United Kingdom for the World Healing Exhibition during November of 1994, where he was a presenter. The following year they again went to the Healing Exhibition and, following the exhibition, Robert taught a basic SRT workshop.


As of December 2002, the Association has approximately 2,500 names on a general mailing list and 1100 for the monthly newsletter, "The Ascension." Student/practitioners reside throughout the U.S. , Canada, Venezuela, Columbia, UK, France, Holland, Czech/Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. We are truly an international association of Light Workers. We have a total of 52 U.S. certified consultants, plus 2 in Canada, 25 in Europe and 30-40 in Venezuela. The number of Association SRT teachers in the U.S. is 41, with 3 more in Canada, 14 in Europe and 12 more in Venezuela. In addition, we have eight people certified to teach the Spiritual Restructuring Body work class.


We have five ordained minister/leaders worldwide dedicated to living and teaching spiritual truths. The number of consultants and teachers is constantly growing, and new areas of the world are being opened to the work. Since 1997, two of Robert's books have been published in Spanish, and all three are being translated and printed into German and Greek in 2003. Five chapters of Soul Re-Creation, plus class materials have been translated into Spanish, Czech, Polish and Hungarian, with possibilities of full translations in the future. A shortened version of the Spiritual Restructuring Manual has or is this year (2002) being translated into the same languages. Robert expects to be teaching Restructuring in the area of Germany/Austria next year. A few of our SRT family are even now translating charts into French, Chinese, Korean and Russian for possible future classes.


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