SpR Introduction

Since 1985, Reverend Robert E. Detzler had been developing and working with a system called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). The SRT process involves working with a group of spiritual beings to identify, research, and clear discordant energies from the soul records. The physical tools used in SRT include a pendulum and a set of 38 charts. These tools help to investigate issues. The process has achieved amazing results. Conditions such as cancer, tumors, allergies, asthma, AIDS, and issues such as challenging relationships, prosperity blocks, fears, and phobias have improved through SRT. Robert has written two books about SRT: The Freedom Path and Soul Re-Creation. He also wrote a book on energy healing, Spiritual Healing.


Although there have been marvellous results from SRT, the system has not completely addressed all issues (i.e., some aspects of consciousness and some physical issues seem to persist). In 1998, Robert was thrilled and delighted when he came across a new system called Results, which addressed some of these unresolved issues. The Results System is based on and adapted from Touch for Health and a variety of other modalities. Once trained in this system, High Self/SPIRIT indicated to Robert that he modify the basic principles of the Results System to fit with SRT. He received permission from the Results founder, Margaret Kean. The modified system is now known as Spiritual Restructuring.


Since 1998, Robert discovered several additional techniques that expanded his knowledge and made Spiritual Restructuring stronger and even more powerful. Robert’s Hight Self committee indicated to him that Spiritual Restructuring is one of the more powerful systems for working with the whole person presently on this planet and on any planet throughout the entire ONE Universe. The Souls on this planet have been instrumental in pushing the edge of the knowledge of spiritual things far beyond any other planet.


Spiritual Restructuring is a dynamically evolving system, designed specifically to bring together the spiritual and physical aspects in a holistic healing system. The Spiritual Restructuring bodywork system is unique in that clearing and corrections can be done “off the body” or at a distance as there is no time or space with SPIRIT. This can be of great benefit for clients that you cannot touch or are not physically present.


Spiritual Restructuring involves a person’s three major aspects of life: body, Soul, and Spirit always one with greater SPIRIT. SPIRIT is that which lies behind all life and it is the source and expression of all life. SPIRIT is involved in a constant process of extending itself as all is much to learn and accomplish in the process called Life and in the harmonising and extension of the Soul.

Rev. Robert E. Detzler